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by kbenkhadra on Jan 21, 2013

Young people in Morocco face significant barriers to employment, including lack of work experience, qualifications and a lack of access to the relevant information to find the right job. Thus as a result, young students, graduates and the unemployed have limited, if any knowledge of the demands and requirements of the Moroccan job market. The sustained growth and expansion of the Internet has become a tool for the democratization of access to information and in turn, it has become the preferred media of choice for Moroccan youth.

 In 2008, with funding from USAID, MTDS created (, a new media initiative serving Moroccan youth between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. was designed and developed in this very social context, aiming to help Moroccan youth to find answers to questions on employment and to help them build their future. is available in French and Arabic. All resources of the Web and multimedia have been mobilized to develop a portal that is useful and adapted to the needs of this population. The portal offers online resources such as Blogs, podcasts, quizzes, forums, business directory, directory of training, online discussions. The primary objective of the portal is to offer quality information, but in addition to provide access to a wide range of services to stimulate debate and participation.

The initiative recognises that young people’s number one concern is to be able make a decent living as an adult; however, to reach those aspirations they have to be able to identify and seize opportunities and they need to be supported in their endeavors by a larger community. The initiative seeks to empower young Moroccans to build their future by offering clear and concrete information enabling them choose a career orientation that suits them, find appropriate vocational and skills training and land and keep their first job or create their own business activity. Using participative social media, mobilizes a supportive community to accompany youth in their quest.  Morocco needs the next generation of skilled and qualified citizens to be well informed, trained and ready for the work place. Each young person has the right to build a future that reflects their aspirations, their professional desires, and the talent within each of us. team will participate to the symposium and will share its experience with participants and its vision about the Youth and the job market place.