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Youth, Gender, and Employability in the Arab World: A Focus on Morocco

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by abertone on Jan 22, 2013

Watch the FHI 360 Symposium on Youth Gender and Employability in the Arab World: A Focus on Morocco.

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FHI 360, in collaboration with the Université Mohammed V-Agdal in Rabat, Morocco and with support from the GE Foundation, is pleased to announce the second in a series of symposia calledYouth, Gender, and Employability in the Arab World: A Focus on Morocco. The symposium will take place on 13 February 2013 on the campus of the l’Université Mohammed V-Agdal, and our audience will be from academia, civil society, government and the international community. 

FHI 360 is a leading human development organization serving more than 60 countries worldwide, and dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. The staff includes experts in gender, education, health and nutrition, democracy and governance, economic growth, environment and food security, research and technology, and organizational capacity building – creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges.

This symposium series on Youth, Gender and Employability in the Arab World will take the pulse of one of the most vital populations in our global community, and will explore the commonalities and differences among the youth of the Maghreb, Gulf, Levant, and North Africa regions of the Arab world. This second Symposium in our series will discuss challenges and opportunities that Moroccan youth face, policies that affect the ability of youth to find and keep jobs, and innovative solutions that partners are finding to address issues of employability, all with a gender lens.

We are very fortunate to have several prominent presenters in our symposium including president of the Universite Mohammed V-Agadal, Dr. Wail Benjalloun; the Chairman & CEO of Injaz Al Magrib, Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi; Dr. Loubna Hanna of the American University in Washington, DC; Dr. Mariam Guyer, Morocco Country Representative of Silatech; Khaddouj Benkhadra, Coordinator of We are also very pleased to have several youth entrepreneurs who will be able to talk about their experiences as students and young people trying to find jobs. They will be on a panel facilitated by Farah Cherif D’Ouezzan, Founder & Director of the Center for Cross Cultural Learning.

With Moroccan unemployment at 30%, youth are frustrated and look to the government for solutions. However, what is so encouraging is the strong civil society sector and international development sector that are working with youth to build their skills and help them find jobs or become entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we think that it is important to encourage dialogue among Moroccans young women and men themselves about the solutions they can find in their schools, their society and themselves.